Walk With Me || Puck&Sarah

Puck was really caught in the middle as to where he wanted to go next year, between New York and staying in Ohio. Its not that he didn’t want to go to New York, just the thought of changing after living in one place for his entire life scared him. That much was obvious, especially after his minor freak out today. But Ohio, the reason why he would even consider staying here besides the fact its the safe choice, is Sarah. He can’t leave her, not with things the way they are. That would be giving up on her, something he’s never done. He doesn’t want to leave his sister, and if he had it his way he would take her with him. Anything would be better than leaving her with their mom, even though it was obvious that their mom liked her mom than him. He was the constant reminder of their father, the failure and the fuck up. Sarah was the glimmer of hope that the only thing behind the Puckerman name wasn’t shame, and he doesn’t want to ruin that for Sarah. She was strong, she was destined for things greater than this town from the time she was born. He was destined for a life under the shadow that was casted by his father, one that he is still struggling to get out of even though the man is behind bars. He slid his arms into a sweatshirt and zipped it as he headed down to the stairs, taking a seat at the bottom step. He tied his sneakers before heading towards the front door, pocketing his phone and keys as he walked out the door. He closed and locked it behind him, heading down the walkway towards Sarah, “Hey.” He said, pulling his hood up over his head and shoving his hands in his pockets. “Ready to go?”

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